i-Yuno Media Group Americas Inc.
i-Yuno Media Group Americas Inc.
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Industry: Professional Audiovisual Industry

Founded: 2002

i-Yuno was established in 2002 and now locates in 7 countries globally servicing high profile international channels with its high quality subtitling, closed captioning and dubbing services.

It also offers the industry innovative captioning and subtitling technology such as its MediaTrans subtitling S/W that was distributed throughout the world over the past 6 years. It's new cloud version of the S/W called iMediaTrans.com is now evaluated as the best captioning/subtitling cloud in the market by many broadcasters.

Also, it's new audio fingerprint enabled caption inserter technology has been widely spreading due to the ease of integrating into any broadcast transmission environment, zero-effort operation, and the connectivity to work with the iMediaTrans.com cloud.

i-Yuno's media services have also been preferred by many high profile channels like Sony or Turner. While most captioning or subtitling companies only offer captioning or subtitling itself, i-Yuno's media package offers media ingest, frame rate conversion, compliance editing, creative production, subtitling and dubbing into a very favourable price package that also results in shorter lead time and less hassle for any channel that requires international language services.

i-Yuno' US branch, i-Yuno Media Group Americas, also runs an innovative transcription platform that more targets online closed captioning demands that have been highly risign in US due to FCC mandation. The DirectCaption.com platform (also available as smartphone apps), offers the lowest price ($1/min) and fastest turnaround transcription service in the world. The secret to this offering has been its collaborative captioning cloud platform with the aid of speech-to-text engine that lets transcriptionists reduce their actual working hours by more than 50%, resulting in lower cost and quick delivery.